This is the livejournal of Deanna.
Layout made for her by Pam with the opal template by halffling and artwork of CloudxTifa from the game Final Fantasy VII, artist unknown.

sing with me
A penny for your thoughts
A picture so it lasts
Let's knock down the walls of immortality
Your fingers on my skin only you hear my fears
Only you can help me heal
I see forever in you here
It's never enough no matter how many miles stand between us this is love

Angel Of Music

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
affection: accomplished

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waah!! I love that picture of Yuna!! *admires* you're going friends only?

All credit goes to serenemoonlight for the picture. :) But yes, I've actually been friends only for a while....but only about half my posts. today i made the rest of them 'friends only' (and believe me...that took a LOOOONG time) today....so now yay...my entire journal is friends only. :)

That is a very beautiful banner. I wish I could make on as nice as that.

Draco Sin Star

I definitely can't take credit for making it! All credit goes to Serenemoonlight. =)

keep me on friends!

Of course!!! =D


FRIENDS ONLY?! HA! Friends only...+ 1 cousin...I win...


*ding* Point for you! lol!!!

That pic is rockin. Add me please?

Phantom of the Opera + Final Fantasy=Cool person! X3

I saw your post at Fanficrants before you say anything. D:

I love your icon!! It's awesome! Final Fantasy and Musicals are my life. :) (lol...like this icon...a mixture of Final Fantasy and Phantom of the Opera!)

hey! be my friend!

Yay!!!! Of course!!!!! *adds to friends list*

You've been added. Add me back, please? :)

Yay! of course! :)

deanna, this is larry....why have i not been added?!?!?! :p

LARRY!!!! OMG I'm gonna add you right away!!!!!!!!

Oh oh! Look what I posted at the Shadow Hearts community under the topic, "Forgive my fanart" I think it was that one... >_< anyways,

Friends? :D

Hmmm...Did I see that? I'm trying to think...What was it a picture of?

And of course!!! =D

The Yuri comment, ^_- *giggles*

Lol, I didn't realize that this was a different thread...*giggle* Anyway..YAY YURI and YAY, I added you!!! =D


iamleaper referred me to you through a meme! :D It seems we share some common interests via FF6 and Outlaw Star and quite possibly some other things as well! ^__^ I'd love to be on your friends list if you'd give me the honor. ^_^

Sure!!!! Be prepared for a lot of random entries!!! =D I LOVE FFVI (My favorite from all of the ff's...Locke Cole is my man!)...and Outlaw Star is absolutely amazing as well. (Gene...mmmm...) I'll add you as logn as you add me too!!! =D

Nice layout! gotta love FF!!
I took a look at all your userpics, they are all awesome!
I am also a music major, i live in sterling heights.
anyways, just wanted to say hi to a fellow musician and a FF lover!

What high school did you go to? And also, did you go to CMU? I see you know my friend joe as well!

Psssst....I added you to my friends list! :)

I actually was a staff member at eisenhowers camps. Their last two years at the campground and their first year up at cmu.

And I have been playing with the ensembles up at Oakland University as well. maybe I'll run into you sometime

Sure!!! *drols over that icon too* I love the charred look...thta's so cool!

Hi there. ^^

You applied for membership in writing_madness a while ago ago (sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this). As OoU is a quality-controlled community, I need to have a quick peek at some of your writing before I accept your application. So if you could give me a couple of links, or email a sample to me, I can get back to you ASAP.

Sena ;)

P.S.: Sorry to clog up your F/O post with this. ^_~

Add me pls..

Hey, can you add me as one of your friend? tnx a lot

Re: Add me pls..

Sure!!!! =D

I like how you just up and stop talking to me -- whatever :'(

Aww, honey, what are you talking about? I haven't seen you in a while...but I transferred schools...and I'm like NEVER on aim anymore. I still love you and miss you!!!

Add me! It's Meghann


Add me? *begs with the cute Marlene face*

Of course!!!! =D

.... I find it very creepy that we live so close to one another. =Lives in Shelby Township MI too.= XDDD;;; Anyways, can I friend you please?

Yeah sure! Where'd you go to high school?

Oooohhh addd meee please?? I shall present you with Locke goodness ^_^

*_____________*!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's convincing enough for me!!

Yuffs here! XD Can i friend you?

Of course!!!!! =D

Elena!Mun here! Hope you don't mind if I friend you :3

Not at ALL!!!!! =D Welcome to my journal of craziness....lol!

Heya, Tseng!Mun here. Stalking you along with the rest of the RP, apparently. ^^ Hope you don't mind if I friend you!

I'm under your spell...

YAY!!!!! I like to be stalked!!!! XDDDDD

I was so watching that episode the other day and I constantly thought of you...*giggles hysterically* I can just see Reno prancing about like Tara does...*DIES*

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