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sing with me
A penny for your thoughts
A picture so it lasts
Let's knock down the walls of immortality
Your fingers on my skin only you hear my fears
Only you can help me heal
I see forever in you here
It's never enough no matter how many miles stand between us this is love

Angel Of Music


1.) I understand that people must die. Really. There's a war, people die, that's just the way that things are. BUT WHY DID TONKS AND LUPIN HAVE TO DIE? RIGHT after their son was born. I just felt that was unnecessary and quite cruel. And Fred? Out of all the people? FRED? Out of all the damn Weasleys, why did it have to be one of the funny adn quirky twins? What about Percy? NO ONE would've missed him, lol.

2.) The whole plot with Snape. I was curious what was goign to happen with him ebcause in the first few books, you always expect him to turn around and be all "YAAAAAAAAY I HATE YOU, POTTER, AND I LOVE VOLDEMORT! ALWAYS MY FAULT!!!" and he always ends up being a good guy. Always helps Harry get out of trouble in some way, shape, or form.

...so in the 6th book, when he killed Dumbledore and admitted that he was the half blood prince, I was like, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!! SO HE REALLY IS WORKING FOR VOLDEMORT!!!!' SO that ended up being kinda cool, really. It surprised me and I didn't really expect it for some reason... probably because in the first 5 books, he was always portrayed as the 'somewhat creepy, needs shampoo BADLY, kinda good guy."

The fact that Snape was made Headmaster? Really annoyed me. It was because he was all "YAY TEAM VOLDEMORT" and that was why, but... aslfjlaskdfjlskdjf. It annoyed me.

Snape running away like a coward annoyed me but since he technically was a spy for Dumbledore the whole time because he twuwy wuvved Wiwy... BUT VOLDEMORT JUST KILLING HIM!? THAT. ANNOYED ME. I wasl ike, "THAT'S IT!? THAT'S IT. YOU'RE NOT GONNA TELL US MORE. YOU'R EJUST GOING TO KILL HIM OFF." I was pissed to say the least. I didn't expect Snape to die, I really didn't.

....SNAPE LOVING LILY? ALKSJDLAKSJDKLAS UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. To me, it seemed like the oldest writing trick in the book. "Let's make him a good guy and really want to protect Harry because he loved Harrys' mommy!!!" -_- I thought it was neat how they lived near each other when they were younger, but the fact that they were best friends during Hogwarts? That just seemed so far fetched and fanfiction.net worthy for me. Snape just seemed so asexual to me the entire series, so maybe that's why I had a hard time believing it, but...s dkfljasdfj. BLAH.

The only thing I really liked about Snape's role in this book was his Patronis. I thought it was nifty how it was HIS doe shaped Patronis... but again, the fact that it was the same as Lily's because he loved her so much? *gag*

3.) The last 'battle' with Voldemort and Harry. Lacked so much. It was basically Harry just mouthing off and going, "NEENER NEENER NEENER!!!" and Voldy being all, "O_O" It seemed so unbelievable for me. If I were in Voldemort's shoes, I would've been like, "KID. YOU'RE ANNOYING ME. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO KILL YOU!? DON'T ANSWER THAT, I WILL JUST KEEP TRYING TO GET YOU TO STFU."

4.) That final chapter. The "Nineteen years later" chapter. REALLY, J.K? REALLY? THE WHOLE THING WAS TOO FANFICTION.NET. IT REALLY WAS. I kind of guessed that Harry and Ginny would end up together, same as Ron and Hermione. But... did they all have to have a reunion with their 2390582903583 children?

AND THE NAMES OF HARRY'S CHILDREN. SWEET BABY JESUS. Naming Lily and James after Harry's parents... it's all right. Lacks a LOT of creativity, but... people name their children after their parents all the time, I suppose. The one I had an issue with... ALBUS SEVERUS? ALBUS SEVERUS. I CAN'T FACEPALM ENOUGH. I'm sorry, but that REALLY REALLY BOTHERED ME. Their children probably had to go to public school before they turned 12... and I'm SURE that child was such a baby because he was beat up every day on the school yard for having such a name. -_-

I could've lived without that last chapter. I seriously felt like I went on FFN and found a random story that was like, "HARRY AND GINNY HAVE BABIES AND THEY HAVE THEIR OWN ADVENTURES! SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!" I'm sure there are over 10,000 stories on ffn that talk about their children's adventures in Hogwarts and that REALLY ANNOYS ME. I really don't like fics that are SOLELY about main character's children. If it's about the parents and they have children, that's not so bad... but JK just set up 29085029358 plotbunnies for fans to make up random fics about the Adventures of James, Lily, and LITTLE ALBUS SEVERUS.


OKAY. I just had to rant.
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I forgot Hedwig died... is that how it happened? :( awww.
The ending was realllyyyyyyyyy bad, imo.
She could have handled it much better. It's a great series, and she can obviously WRITE.
I think if someone that hasn't seen any of the movies or read any of the other books read the last one, they'd probably think the whole series was shit... and probably put that right next to the Twilight series lol.

I've heard that she put in the epilogue so fanfiction writers couldn't write about "after the series" plotlines, and nobody could release anything else. I don't know how true that is, but I think it may have worked out that way for all the wrong reasons!