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sing with me
A penny for your thoughts
A picture so it lasts
Let's knock down the walls of immortality
Your fingers on my skin only you hear my fears
Only you can help me heal
I see forever in you here
It's never enough no matter how many miles stand between us this is love

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Hey everyone! It's about time that I actually get rid of some of the stuff laying around my room!

*Prices do not include shipping, but I will happily combine shipping.
*I ONLY ship to the US. ONLY. (Sorry!)
*I accept paypal, money order, or concealed cash at your own risk.
*I am open to trades.
*All items come from a pet and smoke free home!

If you would like to see additional pictures, let me know!

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MASSSIIIIIIVE SPOILERS FOR THE HARRY POTTER SERIES. I just finished the 7th book and now I must rant.Collapse )

OKAY. I just had to rant.
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Dear Kubo,


Love, Me

P.S. If I was blessed with a figure like Matsumoto, I definitely would be making her halloween costume as my own for next Saturday. But alas...I'm built like Momo... sooo... not gonna happen... LOL.

But who is in the tree looking all cute in their pumpkin/ghost costume? Is that Momo? Or am I just full of fangirly wishful thinking? :D

...It's probably 'Hime, isn't it? >.>

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This is awful. I am wide awake in the basement, on this tiny airmattress that smells like a new barbie and its making me feel very sick, freezing my damn ass off. I don't want to go upstairs to get more blankets because the linen closet door squeaks really loudly and will probably wake everyone up. Not sure why I care at the moment, but whatever. I thought that 4 heavy blankets, a hoodie, and sweatpants was going to be enough, but apparently not.

Good thing it hasn't been warm enough this summer to put the air on, jesus. I would be a popsicle right now.

It is just so amazing how I can't adapt to this. I had over an hour of panic attacks when I first moved all my stuff down here and set up my makeshift bed for the next few days. I really am a creature of habit and I don't like that flow interrupted.

I'm really glad that I'm going over Scott's this morning anyway (the fam is going over my sister's all day and I have to work tonight so I can't go.... Might as well see my boyfriend. However, I probably wouldve gone over there regardless knowing that I've been awake since 4am.

It just makes me wonder HOW early is too early to go over there. I'm thinking since I am *lready in the basement, its not going to wake up the tents when I leave. Also, my car is in the driveway, so they won't even hear it. My grandma might, but oh well.

But I HATE being cold, and I am.so, I might leave in about 15 minutes. *sigh* this whole situation just makes me feel like a terrible person, but oh well....
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I can't wait until I leave for vacation in 8 days. Not only do I want to just GET AWAY from EVERYTHING... I need to do a lot of soul searching. A LOT. Because, frankly... I know all these people can't be wrong and it's making me feel very queasy.

Now I'm going to go curl up in a ball in my bed until my parents come home.
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Since I am awake for some reason, I thought I would post of the sims2 pictures from the last few time I've played. They're not as entertaining as usual.... usually the best ones come from the Hitsugaya household... LOL. :D

The Abarai Household...Collapse )

Gin and Rangiku's House...Collapse )

The Kuchiki Household...Collapse )

.....I need to play some more and make moar people. I built the Urahara house the other day and he and Yoruichi already have twin boys. :D lol. I also built the Kurotsuchi household... just to add a little excitement. :D But I need MOAAAAAR. So many moar characters to make. :D Okay... time for me to pass out now. It would be AWESOME to get 8 hours of sleep, but I don't think it'll happen. *sigh*

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