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sing with me
A penny for your thoughts
A picture so it lasts
Let's knock down the walls of immortality
Your fingers on my skin only you hear my fears
Only you can help me heal
I see forever in you here
It's never enough no matter how many miles stand between us this is love

Angel Of Music

This is awful. I am wide awake in the basement, on this tiny airmattress that smells like a new barbie and its making me feel very sick, freezing my damn ass off. I don't want to go upstairs to get more blankets because the linen closet door squeaks really loudly and will probably wake everyone up. Not sure why I care at the moment, but whatever. I thought that 4 heavy blankets, a hoodie, and sweatpants was going to be enough, but apparently not.

Good thing it hasn't been warm enough this summer to put the air on, jesus. I would be a popsicle right now.

It is just so amazing how I can't adapt to this. I had over an hour of panic attacks when I first moved all my stuff down here and set up my makeshift bed for the next few days. I really am a creature of habit and I don't like that flow interrupted.

I'm really glad that I'm going over Scott's this morning anyway (the fam is going over my sister's all day and I have to work tonight so I can't go.... Might as well see my boyfriend. However, I probably wouldve gone over there regardless knowing that I've been awake since 4am.

It just makes me wonder HOW early is too early to go over there. I'm thinking since I am *lready in the basement, its not going to wake up the tents when I leave. Also, my car is in the driveway, so they won't even hear it. My grandma might, but oh well.

But I HATE being cold, and I am.so, I might leave in about 15 minutes. *sigh* this whole situation just makes me feel like a terrible person, but oh well....
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Awwww :( Where were you staying?